SupaNova (Melbourne)

I'm a huge fan of the 100 strangers project and the humans of new york project however I feel as if these projects have been over done. I do however reccomend doing the 100 stangers project as it improves you as a photographer in the way you interact with poeple whom you have just met (where it be a model a difficult firend or a complete random). I also like doing this because; well to be honest I just like talking to women. 

Given that SupaNova was on that weekend I thought it would be a great place to take pictures of people whom are dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite animae, video games, movies,cartoons, and tv series.

Honestly speaking I was really lazy with the settings that day as I was getting a lot of different lighting conditions (in melbourne it will be sunny one moment and overcast the next) so I chose to shoot on shutter priority and regreted it because I was shooting at a low shutter speed because the over cast weather and that left my camera at a high apature when it got sunny. Next time I'm shooting full manual. 

I really enjoyed myself taking pictures at this event I got some really cool shots talked to lots of interesting poeple whom have similar interest (such as starwars). I also met CHEWBACCA! (Peter Mayhew).