Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

I'm really into instant film so I thought I give the Instax mini 90 a shot.

First off the bat I love the the design of the camera and it had lots of creative functions (ie. portrait, party, kid, landscape, darken, lighten, bulb, and the ability to turn off the flash is a god send).

So I'm please to advise that the Fuji film is a lot better than the impossible project film however I'm not a huge fan of the size it makes it difficult to scan into a decent size. 

The thing I liked about the film from the impossible project was the size and the shape of the film. This is the very think I dislike about the Fuji Instax film is how small it is and the dimensions of the film looks very much like the dimensions of mobile phone picture (which is not a good thing in my opinion). Having said all that it's worth getting a Fuji instax just because the film develops that much faster.

I love the camera itself it looks very sleek, it has two shutter buttons (I never use the second shutter button). The second shutter button also acts as a mirror to frame selfies at first I liked this but I found   

that I had to recompose so I never wind up using it because I can compose a selfies without recomposing by pointing the lens at myself. 

My big issue with this camera is the focus. I find it really random though setting the modes helps you get your subject in focus though it doesn't always work. I honestly find the focusing system on old polaroid cameras to be better than the current instax line.

In conclusion I like the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic and I don't like it. The film develops quickly but it's too small and the focusing system isn't good enough.