Lady Deadpool (Cosplay photography)

Hey everyone! I had a shot with Alana Eve cosplay and I just wanted to reflect on the experience with you guys. 

Check out Alanas cosplay page here

The location of the shoot was in a rooftop car park in the Melbourne CBD. This location allowed for a series of different types of backgrounds from the skyline background to a brick wall to a fence and so on a so fourth. 

How did I find a participant for this shoot? I almost always attend every pop culture expo. One day I took a picture of someone cosplaying as Krieger's virtual girlfriend and at the next convention I took a picture of someone cosplaying as Lady Deadpool it turns out it was the same young lady, a few words where exchanged but nothing note worthy. I sent her a message close to the release of the Deadpool movie saying that I wanted to do this shoot and she was kind enough to agree. If this had failed I would have gone to a cosplay community and ask around for a Deadpool cosplayer there.

My pre visualisation for the shoot involved reading all the Deadpool comics ever made! (And by reading I mean looking at the pictures).

And here are the results.



And don't forget to check out the Vlog.