Photoshoot with Angela Galisteo

I was check out the travel notices on Model Mayhem and I stumbled across a Spanish lady by the name of Angela. I got in touch with her and to be honest it seemed to me like we'd never work anything out so I thought I'd drop some spanish to strengthen my chances of shooting with her. I've spoken about the bilingual bond in the past, but for those who have not heard of it, when you meet a fellow bi lingual who's fluent in the same languages as that you can speak you're automatically best friends. In this case we both speak Spanish and English.

When working with a model it's important to find commonalities to strengthen you're relationship with them and this will in turn make them more comfortable with you and they may even enjoy the shoot so much that they'll want to shoot again. My shoot with angel was from 12pm - 3pm and it felt like a 5 minute shoot. The bilingual bond served me well and it looks like Chilean culture is pretty similar to Spanish culture.

Angela was an experienced model however I wasn't too keen on some of her looks but we had really good communication throughout the shoot so it was really easy to get the looks I wanted out of her. 

I don't usually do sexier type of shoots but if you take a look at the photos that where taken towards the end of the shoot they get pretty sexy. This came down to the fact that I got really comfortable with her. As I mentioned before I don't normally do sexy type of shoots but I feel the leather pants and jacket would suit the theme well and I wanted to show off more of her figure in the pictures. I think we accomplished with towards the end.

I also wanted to practice with more off camera flash so when we got to our second location I set up a light and I was crazy impressed with the results I was getting it just gives me the urge to buy more strobes! It's amazing how much more professional ones photos look with diffused light (on or off camera).

I really enjoyed shooting with Angela (it was probably the most fun I had during a shoot) and I hope to be shooting with her more in the future.