Melbourne City Batman

So I had a photo shoot with  Batman! It was awesome, I had a grin on my face the whole time and every time the we took a picture each was more amazing than the last!

How did we arrange this shoot? Last year when I came back from my trip from Chile I went for a photo walk around my home town of Melbourne and low and behold there was Batman one of the many random things you'll see if you live here, only the streets of Melbourne could give you such amazing randomness. Coincidentally this picture is also my most liked picture on Instagram. We ran into each other again a few weeks later at Pax (a video came convention in Melbourne), we spoke had a quick chat thanked him for my most liked photo on Instagram he asked me to tag him, he goes by Melbourne City Batman and that was that. At some point this year I wanted to do a shoot with batman so I thought I'd message Melbourne City Batman to try set something up and we arranged a time to shoot! 

Arranging shoots like this are as simple as asking the person you'd like to shoot and most of the time in my experiences they say yes. 

The only thing about this shoot is that I don't think the photos will go so well on social media because the dark images wont make for a good thumbnail.

Don't forget to check out Melbourne city batman on all his social media channels, here is his Instagram and  Facebook pages.