Photoshoot at Royal Park

There's been this spot at Royal Park that I've been dying to test out for a photoshoot and luckily I the amazing Jayde Helena wanted to shoot again.

What I like about shooting with Jayde is that she's always puts in 100% into all her shoots. She even brings a variety of outfits to our shoots. One thing I love out her outfits is that they're all from OP shops. I'm too much of a snob to even consider the thought of pay $20 for a complete outfit but credit where credit is due she came up with a killer look for our shoot and some of these shots are amongst some of my favourite shots ever!

Allison Nicole, a close personal friend of of Jayde's was kind enough to help us out with Jaydes make up on the day. Allison is by far the best make up artists I've had the pleasure of working with, unfortunately she wasn't there for the shoot, but she took her own time away from her studies to help out a friend, I couldn't be any more greatful for her efforts.