Kelly Killed it!

I had a photoshoot last year with a beautiful young lady by the name of Kelly, at the time she wanted pictures of her dress for her year 12 formal. She's a year older and a year wiser, she's developed an F what other people think attitude, a photoshoot was booked.

Kelly seemed comfortable in her own skin, a very important quality to have when modelling however, she's not very experienced when it comes to modelling. I fired up Spotify, let her pick a musician to listen too and we were set! Kelly started dancing and popping into some pretty good poses, she just had fun with it.

Kelly mentioned when she booked me in that she wanted some pictures in her lingerie! Naturally I was game and was happy to take on the task.

We tried to get shots in my studio space however for lingerie, it wasn't working as well as I wanted it too, We needed to switch to to a bedroom.

It was during this transition were Kelly thought my previous photoshoots with women were tame! It was at this point that I realised that I could ask Kelly to posed in any position I wanted. I'm normally paranoid that I'll freak out my model if I request some raunchier poses, It was now that I realised that I had nothing to worry about.

I told Kelly that I wanted her to give me the Niki Minaj Anaconda pose.

IMG_4716 as Smart Object-1.jpg

I wanted to experiment more with depth of field so I switched to my 50mm F/1.8 and I shot at F/1.8 because I'm a BOKEH whore!


It was refreshing to shoot with a model that has such confidence and was willing to get into the most uncomfortable of poses without any complaints. We had a really good rapport that instilled trust in her photographer.

This experience has helped me become more comfortable with dealing with models in their lingerie and working with them in regards to directing their poses.

Kelly requested that 8 pictures from the lingerie sets be converted to black and white, here are the results. I like how the black and white treatment adds a touch of class to the photos.

What makes me proud as a photographer, is when I make people feel good about seeing their image, it gives them a world of confidence and makes them feel good about themselves which is why it's important to work in some sexy photoshoots every now and then.

Kelly and I are super proud of the results and we've got another shoot booked in for the near future.

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