Dj Vicky Vanna

I've arranged a few shoots on Model Mayhem recently and here is another result of responding to a casting call. 

I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing young woman the other day by the name of Vicky. I went on to discover that Vicky is one of the most photogenic people I've ever met. 

Our shoot went well Vicky had a really clear vision of what she wanted to get out of the shoot and that clear vision made my job much easier. The only thing I would say is that maybe as a result of us two teaming up was that we became overly ambitious. Vicky brought a lot of outfits for the shoot and you'll notice all the wardrobe changes in these pictures. Unfortunately we weren't able to use all the items of clothing that she brought.

Vicky and I didn't have a lot in common but by an astonishing coincidence we shared the bilingual bond (as you know it's important a commonality with your subject to build a good rapport, this will translate to a positive mood that will lead to good pictures). When bilinguals who speak the same language meet up it automatically makes them best friends (we're both fluent in English and Spanish).

For this shoot Vicky wanted an edgy/sexy shoot and to be honest I knew I was up for it and here are the results!

Vicky's a Dj check her out her Facebook page here, her Soundcloud and her website.