Angela Galisteo

Angela Galisteo (NSFW)

I haven't seen Angela since July last year! We had a few two shoots together last year and we got a really well, I've joked about the bilingual bond in the past, so I do thank the fact that I can speak spanish it just helps you get on with 5.85% of the world easier.

We kept in touch and have been trying to arrange another shoot for a while now, so I'm quite pleased we got to shoot again. Angela message me with a concept in mind and I put together a few mood boards my self, so it safe to say we had a solid concept in mind. 

Angela and I where on fire as a creative team during the shoot, She knew all the poses she was going for and I knew exactly what I wanted out of her, at one point of the shoot she had the idea to wet get her hair wet and it looked awesome. We could have shot all day but unfortunatly we only had the two hours.