Sian Holmes

In my eternal boredom I found a Facebook group for photographer, models and hair and make up artists, which is how I came to get in touch with the ever so photogenic Sian.

Sian was looking to get some pictures together for her portfolio and is also fairly new to modelling, or so she claims, she seemed to know what she was doing with her poses.

Towards the end of the shoot I had some problems with my speed light, not ideal but because of this problem we had to resort to available light, we found a good area with amazing soft light coming in, so disaster averted, it also made me think of more creative ways to shoot SIan.

Photoshoot at Carlton gardens featuring Angela Galisteo

If you've been following this blog you'd know that I've been networking with models from Model Mayhem and these connections sometimes turn into professional relationships and even friendships. 

Angela is a Spaniard whom has found herself in Australia, I'm Chilean born so she and both speak spanish and I've joked about the bilingual bond in the past but this defiantly wont be the last time we'll be shooting together.

I've had the urge to shoot around parks recently so we chose to shoot at Carlton gardens. So I made a mood board on Pinterest and I gave Angela creative freedom on what to wear. 

We chose to shoot in the morning so that we wouldn't have so many poeple looking at us or showing up in the background of our shots. Given the lack of clothes Angela was wearing we where worried that people where taking pictures on their phones but I couldn't help but notice the people around us where playing Pokemon Go!

We had a great shoot together and these are the shots we came up with.