stephanie casey

Photoshoot with Stephanie Casey

Stephanie Casey and I met on Model Mayhem and decided to have a shoot together.

Whenever I shoot with a model (from Model Mayhem) that I'm meeting for the first time I always arrange the first shoot to be in a public location (to make them feel safe). In this case our meeting point was Flinders street station in the city of Melbourne. 

We shot at a car park for it's amazing rooftop views  and dynamic backdrops. With this shoot I wanted to perfect my talents using a one light setup (not including natural light) so we wound up doing a lot of off camera flash and I was quite please with the results.

Stephanie and I actually showed up to our shoot wearing the same scarf as mine! We're both Collingwood supporters (a local football team), so naturally we hit it off well. It's important to have commonalities with the person you're shooting with, having good rapport is paramount in order to get good photos of your model.

Stephanie is also a photographer so we're trying to arrange a time for her to shoot me next time. Check out Stephanie's work at